Game Bytes :: April 15, 2020 :: This Guy Are Vek

Game Bytes :: April 15, 2020 :: This Guy Are Vek

In this episode we’re bringing out the big guns! And big swords! And big downloads! This week, LeGrande finally weighs in on Final Fantasy VII. Is it everything he hoped? Come on in, the anime is fine! Jeremy gets his articulated mech-hands on Into the Breach before it time-warps out of the Xbox Games Pass program. Dale has started in with The Elder Scrolls Online, and what he has to say is massive. Get it while the getting is good! (PS the getting is good forever)

Intro: “Mako Reactor Battle” – Final Fantasy VII Remake, by Nobuo Uematsu Outro: “Old War Machines” – Into the Breach, by Ben Prunty

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