Game Bytes :: May 24, 2020 :: Cloud Layer

Game Bytes :: May 24, 2020 :: Cloud Layer

Catching you up with the video game news of the week is important to us, so we want to do it right. This week we’ve hand-picked the finest news for you, gathered from around the bounteous internet. We set the table with FF7 Remake’s commercial success, and then follow it up with other tasteful tidbits. System Shock steered by Tencent. G2A’s audit results in a payout. Amazon Game Studios has actually released a game. Pac-Man turns 40, and Windows MIDIs turn 30. Plus, we discuss the relative popularity of mainline Final Fantasy games. Bon apetit!

Intro: “Reactor (Remix) – System Shock, by Ecidemon
Outro: “ONESTOP.MID [Rock Cover]” by WASD

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Podcast audio produced by Jeremy Lamont

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