Game Bytes :: June 7, 2020 :: Good Game Shinobi

Game Bytes :: June 7, 2020 :: Good Game Shinobi

This week everything is delaaayed! Just wait until NEXT week! But as for what’s going on right now, we have mod support on the PC Xbox app, pages from the Dale, LeGrande, and Jeremy files, EA returns to Steam, and a long-lost game exists on the Internet Archive! We also cover new releases, updates, and giveaways, and we chime in on our TRUE feelings (and habits) with respect to the many game storefronts on the web!

Intro: “Terrible Beat – Boss Theme 1” – GG Shinobi remix, by Ex Prodigy
Outro: “sunny side up” – Strawberry Vinegar, by yuzuki

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Podcast audio produced by Jeremy Lamont

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