Game Bytes :: June 17, 2020 :: Bruticus

Game Bytes :: June 17, 2020 :: Bruticus

LeGrande, Dale, and Jeremy catch us up on the Jeremyest, Dalest, and LeGrandest games of the week (yes in that order, it’s weird). LeGrande starts us out with his newfound epic in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey! Jeremy sorts through the dozens of games in the Steam Game Festival to pick 4 quickies to share. Dale climbs to the top of his league in Blood Bowl and does a little Mordor-style Assassin’s Creeding of his own!

Intro: “Paper Boy” – Teenage Blob, by The Superweaks
Outro: “The Shores of Megaris” – Assassin’s creed Odyssey, by The Flight

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Podcast audio produced by Jeremy Lamont

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