Game Bytes :: January 10, 2021 :: Ends in Shame

Game Bytes :: January 10, 2021 :: Ends in Shame

Our first big GameBytes Show event of the year is here! And yes, we’re talking about the second week of NEWS! Just kidding, it’s pretty slow. But we do hit the English release of Ask Iwata, the closing of the Killzone official website and Minecraft Earth, Slay the Spire’s board game and Monster Hunter Rise’s demo, etc. For real the big event is our PREDICTIONS FOR 2021. We stack up last year’s against the facts, and we prognosticate the coming year in video games, IN PUBLIC, for YOUR AMUSEMENT. Check it out!

Intro: “Killzone Shadow Fall Main Theme” – Killzone Shadow Fall, by Tyler Bates & Lorne
Outro: “City” – Slay the Spire, by Clark Aboud

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Podcast audio produced by Jeremy Lamont

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