Game Bytes :: January 24, 2021 :: Microsofted Again

Game Bytes :: January 24, 2021 :: Microsofted Again

Our news episode this week is covering the biggest reversals in video games that happened… this week! First, Microsoft does an about-face on a price hike. Peter Moore does an about-face back into video games, as does Puzzle Quest. GameStop experiences a reversal of investment fortune, and Vicarious Visions ends up in Blizzard’s back-end. There’s more! We discuss our personal state-of-video-game-music!

Intro: “Random Waltz” – Final Fantasy Tactics, by Hitoshi Sakimoto
Outro: “Minigame” – Freshly-Picked Tingles Rosy Rupeeland by Masanori Adachi

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Podcast audio produced by Jeremy Lamont

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