Game Bytes :: March 10, 2021 :: Emotional Socialism

Game Bytes :: March 10, 2021 :: Emotional Socialism

We finally get our first taste of the PS5! LeGrande got one, but we only tease it this week. We’re here to talk about GAMES! The games we played this week are vast and far-ranging: Dale has dipped his pickaxe into the soil of Valheim, while LeGrande has at long last played a copy of Ni No Kuni. We explore these worlds of fantasy and exploration… until Jeremy drags us back to the real world of technology with PC Building Simulator, and describes the fun that someone can have when all the stress and cost is removed from building your fancy water-cooled RGB-glowing rig.

Intro: “World Map” – Ni No Kuni, by Joe Hisaishi
Outro: “Entering Valheim” – Valheim, by Patrik Jarlestam

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Podcast audio produced by Jeremy Lamont

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