Game Bytes :: March 21, 2021 :: Who’s Grimace?

Game Bytes :: March 21, 2021 :: Who’s Grimace?

This GameBytes Show episode is another chompy news digest! This week we cover the newest announcements by Square-Enix, a few moves by Sony (including fighting moves, ha!), new studios starting, GeForce Now’s price increase, Valheim’s landmarks, Valve declines to list a game, and more! Plus, new releases and freebies! And we give a bit of a boost to underserved intellectual properties!

Intro: “The Elder Theme” – Valheim, by Patrik Jarlestam
Outro: “RIZ-ZOAWD” – Beyond the Yellow Brick Road, by Michiko Naruke performed by Kaori Asou

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Podcast audio produced by Jeremy Lamont

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