Game Bytes :: May 9, 2021 :: Epic v Apple Gaiden

Game Bytes :: May 9, 2021 :: Epic v Apple Gaiden

This week’s news is business up front, party in the back! A lot of moving and shaking is going on in the law and business of video games. Suit is brought against Sony for ITS storefront Monopoly. Tencent negotiates to keep its shares in US companies. Blizzard loses players, but makes money. Google Stadia hemorrhages more developers. World records are broken. Plus, the lawsuit that just keeps on giving. And we all talk about those times that we or others have lost consciousness abruptly.

Intro: “Fools Rhythm” – Borderlands 3, by Two Fingers
Outro: “High Scores” – Tetris NES

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Podcast audio produced by Jeremy Lamont

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