Game Bytes :: May 16, 2021 :: Arino Won’t Play That

Game Bytes :: May 16, 2021 :: Arino Won’t Play That

In this news-stuffed episode of the GameBytes Show podcast, we discuss exactly where all those former Blizzard people have been going with the formation of a new studio. Final Fantasy 14 Fanfest produces several announcements (and a bunch of job-class discussion), new DualSense controllers, Destiny 2’s premature crossplay, Game Center CX adds new “retro” platforms, Pokemon show up in another new music video, and more! New releases, and has Stadia ended IN SHAME yet? The doomsday clock is still ticking!

Intro: “Star Prince” – Retro Game Challenge, by Koji Yamada & Naoto Ouba
Outro: “Electric” – Katy Perry

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Podcast audio produced by Jeremy Lamont

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