Game Bytes :: June 21, 2021 :: E3 2021 Weekdays

Game Bytes :: June 21, 2021 :: E3 2021 Weekdays

We round out the double-header of E3 2021 coverage with days 3 and 4 of E3, including Capcom… mumble mumble… and Nintendo! Plenty of games, including several that are too big for the Switch’s britches. We also take a hard look at the things missing from E3 this year, and give some of our impressions about the most hype and least hype announcements and showings of the, uh, show. A little new releases and sales on the back end, but we’re bushed! Come join us!

Intro: “Main Theme” – Olympics Games Tokyo 2020 The Official Game
Outro: “Companions of Icewind Dale Theme Music” – Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance, by Vibe Avenue

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Podcast audio produced by Jeremy Lamont

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