Game Bytes :: June 27, 2021 :: Project Abobo

Game Bytes :: June 27, 2021 :: Project Abobo

This episode marks a shift in your Gamebytes Show Podcast as we put everything into a big mixing pot and stir it all together. We put BOTH our twice-weekly shows into the oven and see what comes out! All four hosts, once a week, including a streamed show, with everything you could ask for all in one place. This week we discuss Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance on Switch, FF14 Stormblood, Hunt Showdown, Double-Kick Heroes, and The Signal from Tolva. We also bring you news of the video game world and our all new lightning round! Plus, we find out how much Jeremy REALLY likes Sonic the Hedgehog. It might be more than we are comfortable with.

Intro: “Harmonic Mayhem” – Double-Kick Heroes, by Elmobo
Outro: “Aerial Clash” by Manami Matsumae

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Podcast audio produced by Jeremy Lamont

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