Game Bytes :: September 6, 2021 :: Bustle No Bustle

Game Bytes :: September 6, 2021 :: Bustle No Bustle

It’s a short week so we thought we’d extend the podcast calendar for you by a day and come in on a Monday… at least that’s our excuse. This week we’re playing some new stuff like Psychonauts 2, some new-to-us stuff like Death Stranding on PC, new seasons of pain and suffering in Blood Bowl II, and new updates in No Man’s Sky. We cover the cross-gen pricing debacle at Playstation, Chinese gaming restrictions, as well as a long-time Nintendo employee calling it quits and a lot more going on in our speed run news segment! Plus, Conan Dance Remix. Join in live or in this podcast feed for more game bytie stuff!

Intro: “Conan Dance Remix” – Youtube circa 2006
Outro: “I Can Smell The Universe” – Psychonauts 2, by Peter McConnell

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Podcast audio produced by Jeremy Lamont

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